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  1. Sugar is Destroying Your Diet and Health

    Did you know the average American consumes almost 152 pounds of sugar in one year? This is equal to 3 pounds (or 6 cups) of sugar consumed in one week! This alarming statistic equates to an average of…Read More

  2. Join The Food Revolution

    Americans struggle to find a healthy diet and despite knowing that food matters most for good health, most people still fall short of their diet goals. In the 2004 documentary "Super Size Me" American…Read More

  3. Health Care Is Bankrupting Our Nation

    It's radically sad that food is the leading cause of diseases. Chronic ailments such as heart disease, diabetes and premature death are destroying the American Middle Class. In our continued series on…Read More

  4. Super Food vs Supplements

    Several leading medical journals just published the results of a lengthy medical study that tracked people who take nutritional supplements such as vitamin and minerals and these studies delivered dev…Read More

  5. Food is Good Medicine

    Wellness Begins with Food, we say, we believe, and live by those four powerful words! Foodology Inc. was incorporated as a Wellness Education Company. We got our start in Houston, Texas in 2007 as a w…Read More

  6. It’s Time to Make a Change!

    It’s easy enough to go out to a restaurant and order a cheeseburger with a side of fries, right? We’ve all been there and done that, and maybe one too many times. But when it comes to ordering a p…Read More

  7. Do This First

    You wouldn’t dare take a trip without knowing where you are going! Most of us wouldn’t anyway. Yet, millions of us are trying to eat right, exercise and stay healthy but we are failing and not sur…Read More

  8. Course Outline

    THE CURRICULUM INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: Introduction: Why we are in a Health Care Crisis Preface 1. Lesson I - Diet Wars 2. Lesson II - Foods that Energizes the Body 3. Lesson III - Foods that Sustains…Read More


    Wellness Begins With Food! You would never admit it but you’re eating yourself sick and you’re not even trying to do that. It just happens because you’re not aware of what is hiding in the food …Read More

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