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Each course is $21.95 per lesson. The total cost of the course is $99.95. You may click on any lesson below and purchase that lesson. Please feel free to purchase the course on diet and nutrition for friends or loved ones.


Introduction: Why we are in a Health Care Crisis

America’s health care crisis is a “self-inflicted wound. This is no accident! It is intentional and deliberate. There is so much “misinformation” and “misleading” information about diet and exercise out there that most just tune out any conversation about diets and dieting. There is a reason we say “Wellness begins With Food!” Our food sources created this mess and this course proves it and Stops it!

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1. Lesson I – Diet Wars

This diet! No, that diet! No, This Diet! No, that diet! Eat This! No, Eat That! The yo-yo dieting stops here! You will never successfully lose weight and keep it off unless you understand the truth about dieting.  You can lose weight and keep it off if you learn one thing! I’ll tell you what that one thing is right here!

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2. Lesson II – Foods that Energizes the Body

Excess sugar causes obesity, heart disease, cancers and Alzheimer’s, diabetes, ADHD and ADD. THAT IS A LONG KNOWN FACT! It’s hidden in almost everything you consume. Marketers have come up with some very clever names for it but it is SUGAR! This lesson will teach you how to Identify harmful Sugars and how to Beat the Sugar habit!

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3. Lesson III – Foods that Sustains the Body

There are amazing foods that energizes the body without extra added sugar. These foods will cause you to lose weight, feel young and look great! I list all of these foods right here for you! Take back your diet and your life. A must read for everyone!

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4. Lesson IV – Reading Food Labels

To be successful at losing weight and keeping it off, you absolutely must know what is in the food that you are eating. That tiny little print on the back of that packaged, processed food you buy is DANGEROUS! If you buy packaged foods, you are putting yourself and your loved ones in great danger. Learn how to read food labels! You will be shocked to learn what food manufacturers put in the foods you eat! It’s Not Food!

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5. Lesson V Know Your Food Source

Not only must you know what is in your food, you must know where it comes from! There are a lot of countries that make the food you eat. You will never shop the same after taking this Lesson!

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6. Lesson VI – Harmful Chemicals in Your Diet

This lesson is A MUST READ for everyone. Sugar is the leading cause of most “Lifestyle Diseases,” SALT is the other. Like SUGAR is hidden in most processed foods, TABLE SALT is the other ingredient hidden in almost everything you eat or drink. Ever wonder where hypertension (High Blood Pressure comes from? THIS IS IT! BUT, SALT can also heal you from many diseases. Find out which Salt can heal you and which one will kill you! A HEART DISEASE GAME CHANGER!

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7. Lesson VII – Navigating the Grocery Store without Getting Fat

The European Union (EU) correctly said to the USA to “keep your Genetically Modified Grains” in 1990. The EU also correctly said that it causes allergies to proliferate and the USA said, NO IT DOESN’T! Guess what happened to allergies in the USA? Allergies quadrupled in Children! How did that happen? Cereal! The US food manufacturers manufactured food bombs for kids with cereal using GMO. If you eat certain foods, you are guaranteed to be eating GMO that contains pesticides, antibiotics and sugars and other strange concoctions! I list all of the GMO foods found in your grocery store. Like salt and sugar, GMO is EVERYWHERE! If I had to put a warning label on certain processed foods, WARNING GMO would be that warning label. Don’t Miss This Lesson!

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8. Lesson VIII – Obesity – Causes and Cures

A recent study released by the American Medical Association (AMA) in September 2017 said that American grew 40% fatter in the last decade! It’s like Americans didn’t already know that. The AMA went on to say that CHILDREN also grew fatter than at any time since the US Government started collecting data on obesity 100 years ago! I KNOW WHY! If you are one of the 150,000,000 Americans struggling with weight gain, THIS LESSON IS YOUR SALVATION. Obesity is caused by a number of “good intentions!” The solution to obesity is outlined right here. Take this lesson, you will immediately start making changes to your diet that will cause you to lose all the weight you want. I discuss three important reasons for obesity—servings, portions, and calories! If you understand the relationship between these three things, you can lose all the weight you want 24/7!

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9. Lesson IX – Meal Planning

This is a secret weapon that anyone who has lost weight and successfully kept it off for years will tell you; Plan Your Meals! If you are serious about losing weight and keep it off forever, this is it! Take this course and lose all the weight you want FOREVER!

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10. Lesson X – The Exercise of the Gods! Walking

You’ve heard this one before and for many people, it is true “I’ve Tried Everything and I can’t lose the weight!” Yes, You Can! This is how you do it. Walking is the perfect exercise for anyone wanting to lose weight. There is no need for a “made for television” exercise program. None of that strenuous stuff you see in magazines and on TV. Any cardiologist worth his or her medical license will tell you that you can REVERSE heart disease if you eat the right foods and WALK a minimum of 35 minutes a day 3 to 5 times a week. You Are Overweight Because You Are Not Walking Enough! This is another course that PERFECT for Health and Wellness!

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This course is PACKED full of healthful tips on diet and exercise. Unlike other diet program, this course tells you why other diets don’t work. You will learn how to eat healthy, natural foods that you love and NEVER GAIN A Pound of fat! This COURSE IS An OBESITY GAME CHANGER!

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