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Americans struggle to find a healthy diet and despite knowing that food matters most for good health, most people still fall short of their diet goals. In the 2004 documentary “Super Size Me” American Indie filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, chronicles the adverse health outcomes he experienced from eating nothing but McDonald’s for one month. He gained weight, and experienced alarming metabolic changes that put him at risk for heart disease, diabetes, stroke and hypertension.

What happened in the prize-winning documentary shows the negative effects of eating too much of the wrong food has on our bodies. This isn’t a new age discovery either. The rules for a healthy diet, losing weight and keeping it off has not changed over time. By reducing your caloric intake and replace the foods that are causing your hormones to be out-of-balance, proves to be the wisest approach, but despite all the advice on losing weight and keeping it off, failure still rears its ugly head.

Diet Wars Revolution

In our lessons and seminars on Diet Wars, we discuss the number one reason diets fail. To be successful at losing weight, you must change! Robert Adkins pioneered high-fat diets decades ago with his now famous Adkins Diet. It lost its luster over time but has reemerged as a new diet called “Keto.” Celebrities swear by it. Influencers claim to have lost 100’s of pounds using the Keto approach. With Keto, you can eat all the fat you want and the weight comes off! That’s also true for carb based diets. If all you’re eating is more of one food group and less of another, you can lose excess pounds. Beware, because the moment you reach your weight loss goal is the most dangerous moment you face! You now must eat like that forever or you will gain every pound you lost back plus more.

Needless to say, Robert Adkins died of heart disease and this should be a warning to all who follow extreme diets. We point out in Diets Wars that fad diets are dangerous and we tell you why.

Your Metabolism


The body’s metabolic system is all about insulin production. It operates 24 hours a day, burns and stores calories, rebuilds and renews the body. To lose weight, you must increase your metabolism so you burn more calories than you store. The sad truth is most diets do the opposite – they increase hunger, slow metabolism and create a hormonal imbalance with insulin. The way to correct this is to eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grain and proteins. Which fruits? What vegetables? What protein? Can I eat bread? Our eBook about Super Food, the video lesson and seminar answer those questions.

Superfoods are called “super” because of the immediate and positive effects they have on the body. By returning hormones to their natural levels, these superfoods affect energy production to burn calories removing fats from the body. If you have not seen the video lesson on Super Food, you’re not going to be successful in the long run with weight loss. When it comes to weight loss, food matters most.

Diet Pills and Fad Diets Won’t Work

In our recent blog “Supplements versus Super Foods” we showed the latest conclusive research that nutritional supplements do not work and do more harm to the body than good. If you’re using supplements to reach a weight loss goal, you will fail. We base our lessons on science in successful dieting. Most diets stress eating less and exercising more. This approach will cause weight loss but this is a dangerous way to lose weight. You can starve yourself for so long!

The troubling fact, but meant for our protection, is that our bodies will do anything to avoid dying of starvation — including cannibalizing (eating) itself from within! As our hunger increases, our cravings for food ramp up and our metabolism slows way down to conserve energy. When you deprive yourself of vital nutrients, your body goes into hibernation. It will not burn energy and you will not lose weight. You must eat to lose weight and eat to keep the weight off and it’s what you eat that determines the outcome. When you see people carrying around excess pounds, they have turned off their energy-burning system. The good news is foods out there that correct this problem.

Most dieters accept that all calories are equal and it doesn’t make a difference where they originate from. That’s not true. Like “good fats and bad fats” and “good carbs vs. bad carbs,” there are good calories and bad calories. Have you ever eaten a big meal, then, an hour later, felt hungry again and needed to go raid the fridge and eat more? The bad calories in the food you ate are to blame and are in all processed food. Processed food may be convenient, but have been stripped of the nutrients that give calories value. Processed foods like prepacked meats and cheese contain cheap fats, refined seed- and vegetable oils (like soybean oil) that are often hydrogenated.

Calories are important and they are the reason diets fail. You must eat calories that are beneficial to your weight loss goal. View the lesson Super Food!

Inflammation and Hidden Chemicals

Inflammation and Hidden Chemicals

The biggest hidden cause of weight gain or resistance to weight loss are the foods that cause inflammation. The biggest cause of inflammation of tissue in the body is processed food. At the top of the list that causes inflammation in the body is processed sugar. In our video lesson on Diet Wars, we identified three foods that will cause inflammation in the body; sugar, fat and salt. These are the “Big Three” that also causes weight gain and inhibits weight loss. At weigh in after eating processed food, a scale will show within hours, weight gain. What is remarkable is the amount of time it will take you to lose those pounds. Most leading experts say that we deserve to have a cheat day. We say that “Cheat day” is the day you decided to end your diet and start over!

Processed foods are popular in America. These boxed, bagged, canned, and frozen meals are quick and easy to prepare and can be in your pantry or refrigerator for months and even years without spoiling. What’s alarming is over 3,000 additives are used to color, stabilize, bleach, soften, sweeten, and preserve these chemically enriched foods. According to studies, 90% of money Americans spend on food is to buy processed foods. Processed foods diminish bone health, have negative effects on metabolism, and can also cause mood swings, create lethargy, turning you into a couch potato.

It’s not that sugar, fat and salt is in your diet, there’re other additives that can be added without you knowing. The genetically modified organism (GMO), that are created in a laboratory, also wreak havoc. GMO s are created by extracting the genes of one plant-based species and artificially forced into the genes of another. Studies show health risks with consuming genetically modified foods. Including infertility, immune system issues, accelerated aging, allergies, and negative changes to the digestive system. GMO s put the whole human metabolism at risk of diseases. Says who, you ask? The European Union!

Let us not forget foodborne parasites. Food parasites and bacteria can turn dangerous if left untreated. In recent years, you hear of people dying after eating parasitic food. Listeria, salmonella, and eColi are bacteria that can sicken people. View our video on Hidden Chemicals in Your Food and you will think twice before you pick up an item off of your grocery store shelf and bring it home to eat. You’re eating more than food, you’re eating the unknown. IT WILL GET WORSE WITH CLIMATE CHANGE!

Join the Food Revolution

Diet Wars Revolutions

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Stop struggling to try to get healthy. Join the Food Revolution! View our lessons and book us for your next professional development session or wellness fair and let our dietitians, nutritionists and fitness experts help you get your team healthy. Once you learn the rules of successful eating, you look better, feel better, sleep better and have abundant energy! You can lose weight at any age without starvation or strenuous exercises. We teach you how to live your best, healthy life, now and into your golden, golden years. Contact us and see the difference we can make with your health and your health care cost.

Wellness begins with food!

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