1. I love you Foodology!

    I love you Foodology! I now have a life! 125 pound gone! I got a girlfriend!…Read More

    Kenny L. Memphis, TN
  2. Foodology Rocks!

    Can’t wait to show you pictures! 50 pounds gone! Foodology Rocks!…Read More

    Ms. Sanchez, San Antonio, TX
  3. I loved the lesson you gave on food.

    I loved the lesson you gave on food. I never thought about what food was until you told us. I don’t eat s---t any more!!!!…Read More

    Phillis D. Washington, D.C
  4. Thank you Foodology!

    I can’t believe it! I’ve lost 75 pounds in just under 9 months!!! I didn’t suffer. Thank you Foodology!…Read More

    Gilbert G. Houston, TX
  5. Foodology, I love you!

    40 pounds and counting! Whoo, Hoo! I’m been called fat names all my life. Now I know I can lose weight, thanks to you! Foodology, I love you!…Read More

    Fat No More, Cleveland, TX
  6. Food is amazing!

    I love going to bed at night. Now I sleep! I feel so good in the morning. Food is amazing!…Read More

    Sleeping Like a Baby, Dallas, TX
  7. I hadn’t felt this good in a long time!

    I’m feeling good all over Foodology! I hadn’t felt this good in a long time!…Read More

    Old but Beautiful, Chicago, IL
  8. I wish everyone could hear you!

    I knew I had something wrong but didn’t know what it was but I attended your meeting and I heard you say that food can heal! That was the first time I ever heard that! I’m on the road to healing after a major heart attack. I wish everyone could hear you!…Read More

    Philip K, Conroe, TX
  9. Thank you Foodology!

    I drink two diet sodas a day, every day except today! Thank you Foodology!…Read More

    Trucker Tom, Austin, TX
  10. You saved my life!

    At first, I didn’t believe you when you spoke to us a few months ago. I’m now a true believer! You saved my life!…Read More

    Evil E., Colorado Spring, CO